Why You Should Move to France

France is the world’s most favorite destination. 70 million overseas visitors come each year to enjoy its numerous wonders. Why wouldn’t you be one of them?

And after enjoying a trip, it’s quite certain that you will want to take a bigger step: move to France.

1 The variety

France is one of the most varied countries in the world. No other country has continental, mountain, oceanic, and mediterranean climate in such a short distance from one another. Within a few hours train or car ride, you can enjoy a ski-trip in the Alps, the Atlantic Ocean surfer beaches, the Mediterranean palm trees and turquoise water, wonderful wineyards, and the glitter and sophistication of a shopping trip in Paris. Every weekend, you can be in a different country.

As a former Empire, France even possesses one of the biggest Mediterranean islands, Corsica, a few Caribbean islands, and hundreds of little possessions around the globe; you could be moving to the Indian Ocean or to the Pacific Ocean and still be moving to France.

This is probably why the French have 5 paid weeks vacation a year: so they can enjoy all the activities their country offers.

2 way of life

Americans work way too much. Leave the rat race and move to France: You also deserve to benefit from 5 weeks paid vacation a year, a 35 hour work week, a top health care system that leaves no one behind, (the best one in the world according to the World Health Organization), along with all the facilities of a modern country: good public transportation, high speed trains connecting you to all parts of europe, wi-fi internet at every café, and world class culture.

Thanks to this dream-like way of life, the French live long and healthy, and have a lower stress level than Americans.

3 Culture

France has an incredibly rich culture and history. The cultural traditions are as diverse as the regions of France, from Celtic Brittany to Mediterranean Provence, not to mention the glamour of Paris, one of the world’s most bewitching capitals. Hundreds of museums,castles,beautiful old towns, and wine-tasting sessions are waiting for you. Culture is at every street corner, and varied enough to satisfy every taste.

4 unspoiled nature

France’s density of population is quite low. In other words, as soon as you get out of big cities like Paris, nature is unspoiled. You can drive across hundreds of kilometers without seeing any significant construction. France has big forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, lavender fields, thousands of kilometers of pristine beaches of all kind, rocky or sandy, atlantic or mediterranean. Cities are also well provided with parks and trees. It’s always possible to breathe clean air.

5 international environment

Moving to france allows you to stay connected to the world. In the heart of Europe, France has major international airports with excellent flight connections to all parts of the world. Europe’s main capitals, such as London or Berlin, are a train ride away from Paris. English is largely spoken as they get a lot of tourists. Most real estate agencies have a least one english speaking agent. There is a large British and American expat population, making social connections easy. Pets are accepted without any quarantine. It is impossible to feel lonely, just like it is impossible to feel bored.

6 food

it is impossible to talk about france without mentionning the food. French food culture is one of the best in the world. world known French chefs own affordable restaurants all over the country. The quality of food is generally excellent in all supermarkets, and it is quite common to shop at the local street market the fresh local products at top prices, not to mention the delicious bakery and bread culture. last but not least, France produces world class wine all over the country, and even the cheap local production can taste just as good as the fancy bottle.
Once you have tried the French way of eating, you can not go back, and you will miss it wherever you go.

7 the climate

There is no French climate, there are as many as the regions. you can just pick the one you like better, and change every weekend. If you don’t like the heat, Brittany has a Pacific NOrthwestern-like climate. If you need sun, head to the palm trees of the Riviera, and enjoy 300 sunny days a year. If you love a snowy christmas, take a family ski trip in the Alps. If you like it hot, enjoy the mediteranean summer. And if you fancy the tropical climate, you can also move to France… in one of its overseas territories!

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