Tourists and Caravans in France

Among the foreigners, the British people are the ones who are considered quite extravagant because they come in new cars in the latest models. In France, caravans are the way to go, but English locals simply view caravans as nuisances to driving, especially if their cars are following these caravans. That is because they cannot overtake the caravans. But, the Foreign Secretary is very keen on caravan trips and he has made these sorts of holidays so popular. As such, English people know how to respect caravan holidays, even though they are irate about caravans.

Meanwhile, the Dutch are the ones perceived to be the economical tourists. They come in caravans and prefer to stay in campsites and bring all of their belongings, which usually include food and bicycles for each member of the family. They bring bicycles so that they can avoid additional expenses.

Of all the foreign travelers, the Germans travel in the biggest motor caravans, the most modern of which have computerized panels. They also take their motorbikes and big tents with them, along with their pairs of shoes for hiking, biking, lounging, and dinner. Yes, you heard that right.

But when it comes to driving, the Italians are seen as the attention grabbers. One recognizes the Italians by their style of driving. Their caravans, sometimes, swerve right in the middle of the road and then suddenly jerk between two lanes. Italians drive in zigzags and then they warmly greet you with hands dancing in the air. Peculiar, huh?

As mentioned earlier, in France, caravans are one of the finest ways to travel around the country, because they give you the freedom to go wherever you want sans the confines of strict itineraries. They also allow you to save money from your accommodation bills. Fayence in Var is a good place to stop by when searching for beautiful caravans. It is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Fayence in Var resembles one of those villages you see on television or in period films, where filmmakers try to reconstruct France during the Middle Ages.

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