Tips on Sightseeing in France

  • French drivers drive very fast – often 70-80 mph even on the most rural roads!
  • The French tend to brake at the last minute, which can scare many American drivers.
  • French speed limits are posted in kilometers which is.6 of a mile. Therefore if you are driving 100 kph you are going about 60 mph in terms you are used to.
  • Getting lost in France is very common, especially since the other drivers will not let you slow down to look for the streets you need.
  • Road signs in France only tell you which direction to take to the next city or town. They do not tell you what direction you are headed in (north, south, east, and west), like road signs in the States do.
  • If you only plan to be in France for short visit, you will likely be allowed to use your American driver’s license. If you are planning a long-term trip, you may have to apply for a French license unless you live in a state that allows for a license equivalent exchange.
  • All road signs that are shaped like a triangle and have red edges signal some sort of danger ahead
  • Be warned: the French post parking regulations within regions; but not on specific streets.

Sightseeing in France on your own can be a lot of fun, but if you do not take the time to familiarize yourself with French parking, driving rules and other driving considerations, you could find your day out ore of an exercise in frustration than a fun sightseeing in France adventure.

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