Pivotal Key Is Observed as More States Legalize Cannabis

States like Washington and Colorado have legalized cannabis and cannabis seeds last year, and now many more states are considering legalizing it for recreational and medical use. Surprisingly, conservative South regions are showing interest in decriminalizing the drug. With so many states being ready to accept, there are still few concerns over whether or not to make it available as alcohol


Showing how cannabis oil is no longer a limited, restricted partisan issue, 2 states are considered likely to follow Washington and Colorado in legalization battle – Alaska and Oregon. Alaska is a state where libertarian Republicans dominates; on the other hand, Oregon is ruled by liberal Democrats.

Attorneys stated that they tried hard to maintain the momentum from their victories, heartened by statewide and nationwide polls, displaying greater and vast number of public votes to accept and legalize cannabis. Barack Obama’s recently musing on this issue and the guidelines and regulations released by President’s Treasury Department make it easier for banking institutions to do business with lawful cannabis trades.

However, their rivals and opponent party is keen to slow down the legalization process. They are supporting legislators and many governors, who are still considering whether to accept or reject. Opponent governors are trying hard to push the matter, without paying attention on how the rollout of authorized cannabis works in Washington and Colorado.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana Executive Director, Kevin A. Sabet was quoted as saying, “We feel that if Oregon or Alaska could be stopped, it would disrupt the whole narrative these groups have that legalization is inevitable,”

Though the drug is still considered illegal under Fed law, President’s administration said that it’ll not interfere or change any terms and conditions in the already legalized states. It’s been said that Obama’s administration thinks that authorized cannabis states are doing well in keeping the drug out of hands of minors.  

There are nearly 14 states such as Florida in the ballot, considering new medical cannabis laws, said Marijuana Policy Project that backs decriminalization. District of Columbia is considering legalizing the drug in some areas that remain to be illegal, but penalty charges are reduced or softened to fines. Medical cannabis use is legal in District of Columbia and 20 other states.

There are 17 major states looking to introduce bills and some states have started campaigns to decriminalize the drug for adult use for alcohol; the same method is used in Washington and Colorado. However, it’s been highly predicted that such bills won’t be approved by Federal laws and Obama’s government.

The main reason why so many states want to legalize marijuana businesses in their market is due to allure of tax revenues. John W. Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado posted that taxes from legal cannabis sales are nearly $130 Million in the next fiscal year, and that’s pretty higher than the number that what it thought when it rolled out marijuana in 2012.  

Tax revenues from marijuana seeds are becoming a powerful selling point in the state. Other states are keeping an eye on Colorado for any unexpected issues with the release of new law.

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