How to get rid of love handles men?

Men despite being fit do tend to accumulate a fair amount of mass around their waistline which is termed as love handles. Sometimes in spite of having the right weight and BMI, but owning a pair of love handles can take a make your self-esteem stoop low. If you want to effectively learn how to get rid of love handles men, please read on!

Follow the Right Diet

Firstly, you need to ditch added sugars. Yes, it may sound crazy that you will have to sacrifice your candies and sodas, but that ideal body needs only healthy intake. So let go off all the junk food and artificial sugar that you have been consuming for years. On the other hand, to feed your body the right nutrients, increase protein, fiber and water intake and focus on healthy fats. The soluble fiber in oats, nuts, fruits, vegetables and beans can be used to get rid of those stubborn love handles. How to get rid of love handles men can also be implemented by consumption of healthy fats like olive oil, seeds, fatty fish and avocados.

Workout in the Apt Way

Apart from your gym workout, remember to be on the move throughout the day. Make sure you make smart decisions like stairs over the lift and walk instead of a vehicle when the distance is short. Avoid sitting for long hours as this is the main reason for fat accumulation. You can also add a lot of weight training in your workout routine so that you exercise a good amount of contraction in the waist muscles. This will also strengthen your core.

Take Good Care of Your Mental Health as Well

The main reason for weight gain is stress. Make sure you get enough sleep and reduce the mental pressure. You need to constantly tell yourself that everybody has problems as meditate every time stress strikes your way. Stress is known to produce cortisol well-known as the stress hormone. This will not only result in anxiety and headaches but also produce digestive issues and result in weight gain around the waistline.

Cut Down Your Bad Habits

Alcohol and tobacco are not your only enemies. Using your phone for a long time can strain your eyes and cause excess exposure to radiation. Learn to firmly say no to processed and junk food. Also, keep in mind that sitting is the new smoking. A change in lifestyle is very important to get rid of the stubborn love handles. Also, reduce the intake of alcohol and other intoxicants ad they not only hinder your body’s functioning but also comfortably accumulate fat above your hips.

Despite having such a cute term, this excess fat that has been accumulated around the waist makes your body shape look weird and naturally reduces the confidence in males. It is also known as muffin top and can be really hard to lose that’s the reason why most people wonder how to get rid of love handles men.

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