Discover Toulouse in France

The City of Toulouse is known as the Ville Rose which means the “Pink City.” Located in the region of Pyrenees, just 730 km away from Paris; this City lies on the river banks of Garonne – a beautiful river in the middle of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Toulouse has important and interesting ancient architectural structures and is home to friendly people. Because of its unique beauty, the tourism industry in this city of France is rapidly growing.

If you are planning a vacation to France, it is a must that you visit Toulouse. There are many attractions in this city that would complete your France vacation. One of them is going to the Place du Capitole. Located in the center of the city, Place du Capitole was used as the magistrate’s head office. At present, it is being used as the town hall of Toulouse. The building is considered by many as the “best” example of a 19th century architectural building.

In addition, if you are looking for a theme park to visit, there is the Cite de l’Espace (The City of Space). This theme park has a planetarium and “la Base des Enfants,” a specialized area dedicated for children, so it’s the best place to visit if you are traveling with your kids. Completed in 1997, Cite de l’Espace can be found in Parc de la Plaine in Avenue Jean Gonord.

Lastly, to complete your Toulouse vacation, make sure to stop by at the Jardin Botanique Henri Gaussen, the city’s first botanical garden. Located at the downtown area, this garden is seven acres in size, with 2,500 taxa of plants and 300,000 plants specimens.

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