Choosing a Leisure Electric Cooker

Whether you are planning a high-volume dinner party or are just a wildly experimental culinary artist, the needs of every chef and cook can be satiated by this flexible range of cookers, crafted by Leisure.

History of the Leisure Brand

From its early beginnings, over 200 years ago in Warwickshire, the Leisure brand of cookers has been distinguished by the strength of its craftsmanship. Originally made by hand, the choice of materials and design has become the template for all of the modern Range Cookers models.

The modern facilities, where they are manufactured, employ the same values of quality assurance and high product standards. It is a tradition handed down from the previous centuries.

Leisure Range 100

Whether the chef-du-jour prefers to sauté or flambé, the appealing and innovative technology simultaneously allows master chefs to programme their Range 100 to produce palatable perfections. From the choice of slick silver metal to the sleek black Cookmaster, the 100 models blend and enhance both the modernist and the traditionalist aesthetics.

With the added features of the central wok and ceramic cooking zone, the Range 100 model is capable of complimenting any kind of cooking. Other Range 100 models may also feature extended warming zones, top grills, dual fuel options, and standard H900mm x W1000mm xD600mm dimensions.

Leisure Range 90

Also distinguishable in two major designs — traditional and contemporary — the compartmental spaces available will amaze and delight the chef with the penchant for five-course dinners. From the multiple warmer areas to the door tray, every possible space is utilized for the most applications possible.

The dual fuel model offers shelving in the main and top oven to place your ready-to-serve dishes. The classic oven with grill is just above this compartment. The multiple warmer areas are accessed through a full-sized door — quite an elegant addition.

The contemporary model offers comparable design and functionality. It comes in stainless steel or black colours. It provides a delightful chargrill finish to dishes, and features easy-to-clean surfaces.

Leisure Range 60

As its name suggests, this monster cooker is compact and can fit into a tight nook. Economic and multipurpose, this formidable and slender appliance is a maker of dream cuisine. It comes with cast iron pan supports and is built to withstand water and other spills. The chargrill, as always, provides delicious and healthy cooking options. The chrome handle knobs are a slick fit in a modern setting, while the large compartment oven and warmer spaces underneath maximize space.

To finish, the removable roasting tin provides an elegant solution to the fast-paced needs of the server of hot food on a warm tray. This design is available in black or cream colours.

The Classic Appeal of Range Cookers

The appeal of the range cooker is in its tasteful combination of functionality and style. The tough frame can withstand the most abrasive culinary temperaments, while maintaining consistent quality in the final products. Their value goes well beyond the culinary delights they bring; they are an investment capable of adding real value to any contemporary space while adding warmth to the home-style kitchen.

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