6 Countries That Must Be a Part of Your Wish List of Travel Destinations

Are you looking for the best places for your next tour? To ease out this hectic task, here’s the top list of 6 countries. We assure you that you will just fall in love with these countries.


A place complementing beautiful terraces, picturesque trails, and world-famous cultural history, the flamboyant country of Italy is a must-visit. You get unending chances of gathering everlasting pleasant memories. The best spots in this nation include Florence, Rome, Venice, and Tuscany. You can start your itinerary from Rome, where you will find lots to explore. Its architectural treasures are just out of the world. After exploring Rome, head towards Florence, which is known for its incredible architecture and art. The snow-peaked terrain of Tuscany is less than a wonder and Venice doesn’t need any introduction at all.  


The everlasting beauty of France can’t be overlooked. This lovely country has numerous places to visit and enjoy. Hiking, skiing, and touring in different areas of France add inevitably excessive pleasure to life. Visit and enjoy this enchanting vacation.


From the Taj Mahal of Agra to the beautiful sandy beaches of Goa, India is an adventurous country to visit. You can get to know in deep about the culture of Indian people. In terms of population, it is the second most populated country in the world. You can experience all kinds of weather in this country, which is a wonder in itself. Kashmir in the northern part of India is considered as the Switzerland of India. You can to explore caves, go hiking, skiing, and experience numerous adventures at a single place.


Thailand is famous for its colorful culture and intriguing history. From Buddhist temples to the national parks, Thailand is the perfect place to visit. Moreover, the bustling streets and the colossal malls give a peculiar experience, which no another country can bestow.


If you want to visit a country with the perfect blend of ancient traditions and modern life, then Japan is the best place to visit. The religious heritage and striking culture of Japan enriched with world-level achievements in technological field and architecture are worth experiencing. The Buddhist temples and shrines are the most impressive here. Don’t forget to travel to Chubu-Sangaku National Park, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Mount Fuji, Japanese Alps, Osaka National Park, Imperial Palace, and Itsukushima’s Island Shrine.

New Zealand

The grandeur of nature and marvels made by mankind in New Zealand are wonderful aspects that will leave you awestruck. The cuisines, scenic vistas, architecture, infrastructure, art galleries, forests, beaches, and everything else in New Zealand is just outstanding and give a unique traveling experience to you.

Plan your vacations and visit these countries for a memorable holiday that is filled with pleasant memories.

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